Key Services

  •  Medical and dental practices, consultants, groups and locums

  • Management accounts, business plans, budgets, cash flow forecasts

  • Financial controls, systems and procedures

  • Corporate structuring

  • International services – setting up and selling abroad, helping foreign companies do business in the UK

  • Strategic company management to help your company grow and undergo change

  • Tax advice associated with the above and to minimise your business tax burden

We will work alongside your existing advisors, or can act as finance managers for your company, depending on your requirements.

Personal Finances, Bookkeeping, Chartered Accounting Services, Frome, Bath, Fuller And Roper

Commercial experts

We have many years of experience working within commercial organisations, in a variety of roles and across a wide range of sectors. This means that we understand the issues that you are facing from your side of the table and have dealt first-hand with managing and implementing solutions to those issues.

While not entirely unique amongst firms of accountants, this mix of professional and industry experience is not common. The difference that this creates is that our solutions are devised very much with a commercial slant. We are not only very good at keeping the score (along with many other accountants), but we also place great emphasis on interpreting this information for the benefit of our clients.

In this way we work with clients, often as part of the management team, to ensure that our commercial experience is used to best advantage, avoiding pitfalls often missed elsewhere and giving your business a competitive edge.

Whether you are looking to expand locally or internationally, either offshore or onshore, we can advise you on the best way to go about it for the most effective and profitable growth plans.

What we do for you

In these difficult economic times our approach can often make the difference between realising your business potential and working ever harder to simply stand still, or even going backwards.

Through forming close relationships with our clients, we make sure we understand the needs of the business and how to take it forwards. Employ us as your partner and we can:

  • create a positive plan for you to realise your ambitions for your business
  • provide support and insight so that you are not facing difficult decisions alone or without the right information to hand
  • bring another perspective to solving problems
  • implement appropriate financial and operational controls to address the risks inherent in your business
  • ensure we understand your business and are close enough so that we never have say “if only we had known about that at the time …”
Personal Finances, Bookkeeping, Chartered Accounting Services, Frome, Bath, Fuller And Roper

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